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Tattoos have been on a surge in recent years all over the world. However, some people may feel that tattoos no longer serve their purpose. Others got them out of mere peer pressure and now feel the need to get rid of them. For some, the thrill of an adventurous life caught up with them but now, they feel the need to remove the mark of their wild, carefree selves obliterated. If you are one of these and are trying to have the tattoos erased, you don’t need to worry anymore. Avane clinic, Nairobi, offers a worthwhile solution for your tattoo troubles, bringing tattoo removal services near you.

At Avane clinic, we offer quality, safe and effective tattoo removal at a client-friendly cost. Our team of specialists comprised of physicians, dermatologists, and nurses, are well trained and have years of experience in tattoo removal. When coupled with our high technology devices, we guarantee you an experience of a lifetime. We use the Pico Sure machine, which offers Pico laser tattoo removal. The machine is the fastest, safest, and most reliable today, and the only one with pressure wave technology.
Pico laser tattoo removal involves the use of laser energy to expunge ink on the skin. A rapid burst of energy with a highly concentrated light beam is targeted at the tattoo’s ink pigment. The fast change in pressure causes vibrations in the pigment and dismantles the ink into tiny particles. These Particles are then cleared by the body’s lymphatic system. The white blood cells recognize the ink particles as foreign entities that need to be eliminated. The process is not surgical and no incisions need to make. The laser beam selectively targets the tattoo’s ink without harming the surrounding skin cells. Unlike earlier methods of tattoo removal which used more power and generated more heat, Pico laser treatment uses just a meager fraction of the energy pulse with pressure waves. It is however important to note that as effective as the Pico laser treatment is, the tattoos cannot be completely eliminated in one go. Depending on the size, complexity, location, and the depth of ink’s penetration in the skin, more sessions are required.

Anyone with a tattoo and is willing to have it removed is viable for laser therapy, except pregnant and lactating mothers and persons undergoing chemotherapy. Our Specialists, through several consultations, and professionalism advise them to have the removal done some other time. At Avané we ensure that the tattoos are removed as per the clients’ specifications. This means that we can remove them fully and effectively or we can also consider fading them, in case one needs to have a cover tattoo later click here on. Our clients frequently ask if they could have more tattoos after laser treatment. The good news is that the Pico laser therapy is not a limiting factor, and yes, one can get more tattoos later on. However, one has to wait for about 6-8 weeks after a laser tattoo removal before getting a new tattoo.

The benefits of having your tattoo removal done at Avané clinic are countless. We help you expunge unwanted tattoos safely and effectively, promising the expected results. With our technology, one does not need to wait for long before getting a tattoo erased. We only need to get one removed about 4-6 weeks after getting a tattoo. This allows the body enough time to heal. Consulting with our team of specialists will help you get more information and find out the ideal time. Pico laser treatment does not harm the surrounding body cells, hence there is a low likelihood of scarring. Our specialists ensure that your skin is as healthy as possible and take necessary precautions to prevent scarring. Recovery after the procedure involves little downtime and few recovery days. Our dermatologist advises the clients on the best ways to protect their skin and enhance the healing process. A contrast of the before and after looks

A primary concern marring tattoo removal is the myth that it can lead to cancer. However, the treatment is safe and cannot cause cancer. Nonetheless, individuals with cancer aren’t advised to get laser tattoo removal therapy as it may worsen the effects of their condition. Another prime concern is the alternative use of tattoo removal creams. However, since tattoo ink is placed deep in the skin, the use of creams is ineffective since it mainly helps with the surface ink and cannot affect the underlying ink. Consulting with our team at Avané clinic helps one get all the facts right and choose the best and most appropriate method of treatment.

Safety for both our clients and the medics is paramount, especially during the procedure. Everyone in the room wears protective eye shields to protect their eyes from the laser. The skin’s reaction to the laser is also tested to determine the most effective energy. The physician activates a small probe against the tattoo and more rapid laser pulses are generated, as per the most optimum pulse generated in the size of the tattoo, 10-30 pulses are used in a session.

However, the procedure has its downside, but our team ensures that we minimize the risks as much as possible. Tattoo removal is painful, but we use a numbing cream to reduce the pain during the procedure to counter the pain. Some of the side effects are that it may lead to skin discoloration in the form of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. The site of treatment may get infected. Cosmetic tattoos like lip liners tend to get darker after treatment, though they fade with time.

At Avané clinic, we believe that one should remain in control of their own body. We help you demonstrate this control by eliminating the tattoos you feel don’t serve their purpose anymore. Pay us a visit today at the Yaya center, Nairobi, and book your appointment with us for a quality experience and a sure guarantee of a better look, without that tattoo

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